Mission ISD & GRASP Team Up!

The greatest tool in the fight against child related gun incidents, accidents, violence, child suicides and school shootings is GUN EDUCATION (specifically proper gun storage), engagement and communication. MISSION ISD addressed their student body about gun safety and proper gun storage protocols by hosting a KIDS GRASP GUN SAFETY WORKSHOP! Mission CISD is being proactive in the fight against child gun related disastrous events. Way to go Mission CISD for leading the way with actions! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Over 2,300 Mission high school students participated in the GRASP SAFETY WORKSHOP today! That’s over two thousand three hundred families that were reached and educated about the proper way to secure and keep firearms!

Part of our KIDS GRASP SAFETY workshops is mending the relationship between law enforcement and todays youth. Respect towards law enforcement, seniors, themselves and others must be reintroduced and reiterated. Without a steady and constant flow of open communication between students and security/law enforcement; teachers, faculty and staff are missing out on a huge source of information and intel in regards to dangerous and sometimes fatal school situations.

Education is Prevention

GUN SAFETY and EDUCATION isn’t about politics, laws or the second amendment, it’s about keeping children safe — and alive. If preventing and ending child violence, suicides, accidents and school shootings is TRULY the mission than all efforts must shift to PROPER GUN STORAGE and PARENT GUN EDUCATION. 78% of school shooters get their firearms from their home or relatives. An unsecured gun at home can be a loaded gun at school.
Rates of death from firearms among children and adolescents has drastically increased due to unsecured firearms, slacked gun safety and of course complacency. In the United States, middle- and high school-age children are now more likely to die as the result of a firearm injury than from any other single cause of death that they most likely got from their own home or that of a close friend or relative. UNSECURED WEAPONS are the root cause of all these child and adolescents tragedies; the fault however is 100% the adult gun owner.
GRASP educates both parents and students that an unsecured gun at home can become a loaded weapon at school or be the cause of senseless violence, homicide and even child suicide. It’s someones fault children, teens and adolescents are getting their hands on handguns. Parents do your job by protecting your kids. Secure your firearms at all times when not in use. Make sure to keep all guns unloaded, locked up and properly secured away inaccessible to children and others.

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Gun safety is a topic that always needs to be reiterated. GRASP founders and directors, Roman and Ramiro Camargo hope to get parents and children on board when it comes to getting familiar with gun safety protocols and a clear plan of action.